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Calming the Anxiety Workshop

Looking for techniques or skills to help manage your anxiety? Consider attending the Calming the Anxiety Workshop. Calming the Anxiety is a psycho-educational workshop that will focus on both learning and applying grounding & stress reducing techniques to help you better manage your anxiety.

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of:

  • What are your anxiety triggers?
    In this workshop we will explore and discuss what are anxiety triggers and how to identify them. *Brief prep work is beneficial, but not required to attend this workshop.*
  • How to manage your anxiety & triggers
    Learn more about body awareness and how this skill can help individuals better manage your anxiety.
  • Individualized tools and techniques to help manage your anxiety
    During this workshop you will create an individualized toolkit to help you better manage your anxiety.

Cost: $75.00
Insurance direct billing & Insurance receipts are available
Please contact your insurance provider to ensure you have coverage (mention you will be attending a psycho-educational workshop
facilitated by a Registered Psychotherapist)

Workshop is coming soon!
For more information or to pre-registered – contact me at:

Coming soon

Mindfulness and Therapeutic Writing
Self Care Workshop

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More details to follow.
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